About our company

Established in 2001 as a subsidiary of the Fouani Group of Companies, Fouani Nigeria Ltd (RC 400,780) has grown to be the leading pioneer and the sole distributor of LG, Hisense and Maxi products in Nigeria/Africa, thus winning several awards for its proactive market penetration. Fouani is incorporated within a wide list of clients, including Multinational Business conglomerates, SMEs, Banks, Schools and Universities. This is excluding the individual clientele purchasing for home and office use. We began as a single outlet in 2001, currently we are well over 30 outlets spread across the nation in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, Jos, Asaba, Benin, Warri, Owerri and Ibadan. Our operations resulted in seamless expansion and even greater client satisfaction as we ease the accessibility of our brands wherever our customers are. We pride ourselves to be a part of Fouani group which its subsidiaries reside in Liberia, Gambia, Guinea, Congo (DRC) and Lebanon. Most of which they are leaders in their own respective fields of endeavor.


LG Electronics:

LG Electronics cater to a broad line of electronics including Air Conditioners, Refridgerators, Televisions, Home Theaters, Washing Machines,Gas Cookers, Floor Standing Airconditioners and IT Products for home and office use.

Hisense Electronics: 

Hisense is recognized as a world leading provider of flat panel TVs, household appliances, and mobile communications and is recognized as a top 10 player by large global institutions. At Hisense, the emphasis is placed on innovation and quality (Download Hisense Catalog).


Experience a new level of comfort with Maxi home and living products, Designed to make life easier, Maxi range of all sizes of gas cookers, water dispensers, water heaters, TVs, and generators.  (Download Maxi Catalog).


ROX is a premium energy drink, unique in its composition and benefits. ROX is an intelligent functional drink, carefully formulated for times where extended energy is needed for best performance.


Nutribom contain best ingredients which provide balance and delicious meal for your baby. It ensures your baby healthy growth and development.

Lucky Special: 

Selecting dental products can improve your smile but it’s important to protect it with frequent brushing. Try one of our toothpastes to help keep your smile safe.


Dorco is a leading manufacturer of high quality low cost disposable razors, shavers, shaving systems and shaving accessories for men and women, including the worlds first 6 blade shaving system.


Fouani Nigeria Ltd (RC 400,780) is a Limited Liability Company that has grown to be the leading and sole distributor of LG Electronics products all over Nigeria with well over 30 outlets

We assemble air conditioners according to the latest standards and the highest quality, each unit undergoes comprehensive testing on every parameter.

We assemble Refrigerator according to the latest standards and the highest quality, each unit undergoes comprehensive testing on every parameter.

We assemble ( LED – LCD- Plasma ) TV’s according to the latest standards and the highest quality, With automatic verification mechanism of the quality of the product.