Hisense Split AC 1.5HP

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Key Features:

  •   •  Super Cooling
  •   •  Gold Fin

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  • minusBasic Specification
  •      Copper Condenser     Yes
         Cooling     Super Cooling
         Color     White
         Gold Fin     Yes

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    Capacity (HP):
    The product is so nice highly recommendable to any one, no noise when starting and is doing it job parfectly well to the finish hisense carry go love the product!
    It's so awesome. Working perfectly and highly stable with know issue.
    It does the job very well and yet make it seem to easy,am. Enjoying it and I wouldn’t mind getting another one .
    You better don't disappoint me. Caution!
    It's quite cool and awesome but this time around it makes noise at starting but stop when is running, aside this is working perfectly
    I am really enjoying my A.C which is why I want to get another one!
    Very good product.... only issue I've had was that it makes some kind of noise when in operation, maybe it was because i didn't use a stabilizer initially..... otherwise, its cool
    Does it come with installation kits.
    Great product that comes with no issues whatsoever. Cools very well. Very quiet and efficient. It also has a surge protection. Highly recommended.
    Great AC Brand. Cools very well and very quickly. I have used it for over 2 years now with no issues. Highly Recommended.
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