Congratulations on purchasing your new Hisense Product

Satisfaction is assured with your choice of a Hisense product. In order to obtain maximum benefits from your product, please read the following terms and conditions of your warranty.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

A.What your warranty covers:

1.Proof of purchase is required before you can make a claim under this warranty; you must provide both your original purchase receipt and your warranty card to obtain full benefits.

2.The product bought from Fouani Nigeria Ltd. shall have a one ( 1) years warranty from the date of purchase.

B.What your warranty does not cover:

1.If being used for commercial purpose as hiring of the equipment

2.You may not make a claim under this warranty unless the defect claimed is due to faulty or defective parts or workmanship error. Notice of the alleged defects must be given promptly upon discovery. Fouani Nigeria Ltd. is not liable in the following situations:

(a) The Appliance is damaged by:


2.Misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain or service

3.Normal wear and tear

4.Power surges, electrical storm damage or incorrect power supply

5. Incomplete or improper installation

6.Incorrect, improper or inappropriate operation

7.Natural calamities such as fire,lighting,flood,rain etc....

(b)The Appliance is modified without authority from Fouani Nigeria Ltd. in writing.

(c)The Appliance serial number or warranty seal has been removed or defaced.

(d) The Appliance has been serviced or repaired by anyone other than Fouani Nigeria Ltd. or its Authorized Services Centers.

3.Physical damage to the unit during transit from the store, after purchase of the product (i.e. Out of the physical place of purchase).

4.The relocation or reinstallation and set up of the product.

5.Gas charging for Air conditioners and Refrigerators.

6.Damage to the unit due to insufficient, unsuitable or inadequate packaging or care.

7.The travelling and transport costs;if the product is situated outside cities that Fouani Nigeria Ltd. service center is available.

8.If the warranty card is altered, defaced or erased in any manner whatsoever.

9.. Filter cleaning Service for Air Conditioners.

10 . This warranty, the contract to which it relates and the relationship between you and Fouani Nigeria Ltd. are governed by the law applicable in Nigeria where the Appliance was purchased.

Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law:

1. Fouani Nigeria Ltd. excludes all warranties other than as contained in this document;

2. Fouani Nigeria Ltd. reserves the right to charge a service fee out of warranty repair/service of any nature and shall not be deemed liable if the conditions are not met.