LG 32LK500 LED

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  • Sophisticated inside and out

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LG 32LK500 LED

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  •      Display Type     LED
         Screen Size     32
         Antenna Input + DTV Free channels     Yes
         AV + Component     Yes
         HDMI     2
         USB     1


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    Product condition:
    Screen Size:
    I love the picture quality. A nice product.
    Good product, love it.
    Best picture quality king with wide viewing angle
    The picture quality of the product is amazing. It's ability to come up even with low voltage output excites me. Really enjoying value for my money and also recommended to friends and family.
    "The picture quality of 32LK500BPTA is great, and the images are almost like real life especially on HDMI input.
    It's user user-friendly.
    One feature I love most about the 32LK500BPTA is energy-saving function. When I forget to switch it off before I go to sleep after a power outage, and power is restored in the middle of the night when am asleep, if there's no signal from my input device for a while, it switches off automatically."
    Since, I got LG, 32Lk500BPTA. My house be came a home. All my guy's hangout in my crip. Watching football it's so fun now, not to talk about playing of games. If u want to know the real deal, go for LG 32Lk500BPTA
    Using an lg product has been an amazing experience for my kids and I. The television set was a gift that was given to us by my in-laws during my wedding. I have used other products before now but in all honesty, when I switched to this brand, only then did I begin to see the reason behind the life's good that stands as a true meaning to the name of the product. Its audio, picture and video quality are top notch not forgetting the brightness and its easy to use remote control. Indeed with lg, my kids couldn't have asked for any thing else.
    "There is so much I can say about LG, it has been a generational product in my family. My Dad used LG, and transferred the LOVE OF LG to us his children. I am so sure, we'll do same with our Children.
    This company LG, can be reliable, durable and easy to use.
    Life's Good with LG.
    ThankYou LG."
    My LG 32LK500BPTA is a wonderful SmartTv it give me joy and hope because ever since have bought it no such problem l see on it the Screen size is really much impress even the colour is really brighter which l have a very much reliable trust of any product coming out from lG company also it have being serving over a years now that have bought and the smart tv is really doing Good and perfectly LG product is reliable and trustworthy product that l defend anywhere anyday because the product is really the best of all among the the best
    I have been using it for long, the picture quality is good, sounds is good, it has not giving any fault since 2017.
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