Maxi Generator 10EM

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Maxi Generator 10EM

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Maxi Generator 10EM

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  •      Power     1KW/1.25 KVA
         Operate     Elegant Manuel
         Coil     100 % Copper
         Noise Reduction     No
         Tank     6 Liters Fuel (9Hrs Full Load )
         AVR Voltage Regulator     Yes
         Portable     Yes
         Engin Oil Alert     Yes
         Warranty     3 Months


    1 KW / 1.25 KVA
    Product condition:
    Very portable generator with low fuel consumption .
    Free delivery and excellent customer service.
    Weldone Fouani!
    I bought it from cooperative,very good and low fuel consumption
    I noticed the fuel consumption for mine is extremely high, is there something I am not doing right? I only use it for my AC's(2 units of 1 horsepower) and fridge. It is the 6.2kV generator
    A very super generator, i used it with a deep freezer and other appliances in the house and i enjoyed it, low noise and fuel ecomnomical.
    Can it carry your refrigerator and AC the same time
    I am using this generator at home, is has very low noise and fuel economical...
    I love it.
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