Binatone GS-2001 Garment Steamer
Find yourself a steamer that not just removes creases but also sanitizes your clothes. Binatone’s GS-2001 MK2 is one such product. Smoothen your clothes with style!

Remove creases and smoothen your clothes in a modern way
Freshen and sanitizes clothes without use of harsh chemicals
Portable design for multi-purpose steaming/cleaning
Kills bedbugs and dust mites with high temperarure steam
1.5L water tank for 40mins of continuous operation
Removable easy filled water tank
1.6m total height, enough for long clothes steaming​
94cm length backing net
Ready to use in 60 seconds
Auto off for dry boiling protection
Wide double pole stand with integrated hanger
Crease press attachment for clothes
Fabric brush for delicates
Heat insulated glove
1500W power

The Garment Steamer GS 2001 MK2 is an amazing utility product that smoothens stubborn creases from your clothes. It has a portable design and can be used dually for steaming and cleaning. It keeps clothes clean without using damaging chemical products. It can also be used for thick garments and thick covers. It destroys dust mites and bedbugs with its high pressure steam. It has a detachable water tank and a 94cm wide backing net to hold large-sized fabrics with ease. The GS 2001 MK2 comes with auto off for dry boiling. This amazing tool also has a fabric brush for delicate fabrics and comes with heat insulated gloves to avoid injury while steaming. Binatone creates utility and affordability centric products to enhance your value time.
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