Huawei Power-M 5kW Power Module Inverter + 15kWh Battery
Comes with 3 batteries.

Excellent performance:
Ultra-fast: 3-hour fast charge 100%
Ultra-quiet: Fan less design, operating noise less than 29 dB
Energy switchover without perception<10ms
Smart priority management (Solar /battery /grid /DG)
Smart mobile APP management: monitor device running status in real time, help EPC & client efficiently manage device.
D.G. scheduling is supported, D.G. does not need to be started manually.
Built-in energy optimizer, supporting mixed use of old and new lithium batteries

Secure and Reliable:
90–300 V, withstand voltage jump
1.5 times the shock of the device startup current (air conditioner, washing machine, and motor)
0 Second Fast shut down (solar PV modules’ voltage can be quickly shut down to 0 V within 0s,Ensure the safety: the owner, installation and maintenance personnel)
IP65 dustproof & waterproof ( indoor /outdoor)
Matrix Design Heat Dissipation
AFCI function
Most stable LFP Battery, no fire risk
Battery built-in full-dimensional high-precision sensors

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Power module iSitePower-M
Output/Input Power Per Module 5kW
Battery module capacity 15kWh
Display SOC Status Indicator
Communication CAN (for parallel communications), WLAN/FE/4G (for the SmartPVMS)
Battery module dimension (WxHxD) 700mmx390mmx158mm
Battery Module Weight 50KG
Power module dimensions (WxHxD) 700mmx246mmx152mm
Power module weight 17KG
Base dimension (WxHxD) 700mmx65mmx147mm (floor installed) and 643mmx110mmx176mm (wall-mounted)
Base weight 1.5KG (floor installation) / 5.5KG (wall-mounted)
IP Rating IP66
Cell technology Lithim-iron phosphate (LiFePO4)
Input voltage 200/208/220/230/240V AC
Input current Max.30A
Frequency 50/60Hz
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